The main one, he must have beautiful legs! Examples? Hmm … no, because until now there has been no female artists that fall into the criteria of ideal foot Kyuhyun.


Have a nice person! and must be shorter from him! artists who enter the criteria? smooth type of girl personality like Lee Yeon Hee

So surely Moon Geun-young and Park Bo-young. Yesung is really like a girl who completely innocent! should look like and innocent baby face, his personality should also be innocent. Just do not like to appear innocent girls!

Have a beautiful eye and can thrill people who look at him! Animashaun Siwon really! he seems like the same guy that has a wavy hair, and elegant. But the important thing is the eye! Maybe that’s why there are shades of magic in his eyes as Siwon stared at a woman!

Easy to say, sociable, connect, and look cute while chatting, the last he had a great cook! Sungmin is like the girl that motherhood, so sometimes more skewed to older women.

Same with the nature of the main character girl in “My Sassy Girl”. Must be loyal and always looked interesting – similar Teukie Was?

Kim Haneul


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